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The Highway Restoration Ministries is a ministry that reaches out to people of all race, color, and religious beliefs that has been wounded by so-called church folks who pushed these individuals to a lifestlye of addictions, lonelyness, and dispare. We are not concerned about your past, but greatly concern about your future. We strongly agree that our ministry is a product of restoration, whom in the past, have been through some of the same things that most people is experiencing and or has experienced. For the most part, many people believe that a ministry that has leaders who have experience failure in the past can never recover, but has lost the opportunity for greatness. Contrary to this belief, our experiences helps us to be better and wiser to stay humble while God elevates us to the next level in Him. This helps our ministry to love people where they are to bring them where they need to be, through the love of God. God has graced our ministry with an Apostolic Anointing to evangelize the lost, the back sliders, and the church cast-aways with the power of God's WORD. We are a small growing ministry with a big vision to help people to be restored back to God!



 Here at the Highway Restoration Ministries, we enjoy doing many things to assist our church family, communities, and outreach areas. Our pastor, Apostle Alvin Campbell states, "When you join this ministry, you will go places you've never been, meet people you never saw, and experience blessing that you never expected!" This has been a true statement for the House of Restoration and it's members. The ministry vision is to support families by having worshops and life training for youth to parents, marriage and unity, ministerial duties, auxiliaries purposes, educational learning to better the families and fun family activities. The basic vision for the surrounding communities is to help in educating the public how to maintain housing, training on teen pregnacy, drug abuse, child abuse, how to get and keep a job, local youth activities, senoir activities, social fun events, prison outreach, street outreach, community trips, schooling for youth and adults, and financial assistance and worshops, just to name a few. Most of all, this ministry thrives on praising the Lord with a dance and worshipping the Lord with a heart of thanksgiving.