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Our Ministerial Staff

Evangelist Sonya Johnson 

 Since I truly came to know the Lord,  I know that I can depend on Him.  God is an infinite resource and a compassionate comforter.  If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I'd hate to think where I would be.  Being a part of Highway Restoration Ministries has cause me to propel to pressing toward the mark of the high calling with passion.  My leaders, Apostle Alvin Campbell and Prophetess Cherille Campbell have prompted me to press reverently in the natural and spiritual.  It's more than going to church and hearing the Word.  It consist of spiritual maturity as well as being spiritually connected; earnestly praying for one another, being quick to forgive and seeking God for the vision of the ministry.  At Highway Restoration Ministries, everybody is somebody!


Pastor Cherille Campbell


Mother Dorothy Hill

I thank God for saving my soul when I was an 11 yr. old in a little country church in Elam, NC at the "Elam Chapel Christian Center".  As a young adult I drifted away from His teachings, but in 1966, I was united with the Second New St Paul Church in Washington, DC.  There I grew closer to God and His teachings.  Life has been good!  God has been the best thing that ever happened to me.  I would not give up the race for nothing in this world.  Here at the Highway Restoration Ministries, I feel welcome by all the members, they show love.  I am able to study and learn more about the bible.  I feel at home and not in a competition.  God bless Apostle and Prophetess Campbell, our leaders, for their great work!  To God be the glory.  Thank you God for all you have done in my life.

Evangelist Donald Andrews Sr.

Since I am following God, I am more calmer and understanding. I feel that God has taken the pressures from me and when the demons of anger try to reappear, Jesus helps me to put them back where they belong!  Our leaders; Apostle Alvin Campbell, Prophetess Cherille Campbell has listened to my problems and they have help to keep me encouraged to stay in God.  The Highway Restoration Ministries has helped me to meet good people, as well as travel and that is why I feel very blessed. I am proud to be a part of the Highway Restoration Ministries family.


Christain Education Secretary -  Eleanor Andrews

Since I accepted God into my life, I have had such joy and peacefulness. I came to realize that no matter how bad things may look, if I keep my faith and believe in God, while trusting Him, God will work it out. Though I am still a baby in Christ I look forward to growing in Jesus and to see what God has planned for me. I truly thank God that through the Highway Restoration Ministries, our leaders: Apostle Alvin Campbell, Prophetess Cherille Campbell, I am learning. This helps me to be encouraged as I stay in the faith and continue to grow in God's Word. I am sincerely proud and honored to be apart of the Highway Restoration Ministries family.