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Apostle Alvin Campbell / Sr. Pastor

Our pastor: Apostle Alvin Campbell is a man of faith and power. He has traveled and preached the gospel throughout this Eastern part of the United States, from Casco, Maine down to Hollywood, Florida; ministering in every Eastern State except Vermont & New Hampshire. He is an International preacher that has ministered in places such as: London, England; St. Mary's, Jamaica; Grand Bahamas Islands; Cancun, Mexico; Maui, Hawaii and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is the author of three books called: "A Colorful Attitude", "Struggling With A Sick-Man" and "Helpful Marriage Aid and Personified Short Stories." Apostle Campbell has been preaching for over 36 years and Pastoring for 31 years. He's a lovable man of God that loves people. In past, he has oversee 10 churches: Roanoke Rapids, NC; Weldon, NC; Littleton, NC; Warrenton, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Opelika, AL; Camden, NC; Murfreesboro, NC; Ahoskie, NC and Elizabeth City, NC.

Prophetess Cherille M. Campbell

My life has been tremendously BLESSED, since I became a believer in Jesus Christ on June 5th 1983.  People often ask me this question "What is the big difference, now that you are saved?"  My direct response is "I still have problems, but now I have knowledge to acknowledge the problem solver, who delights in handling my affairs."  Not to mention He (JESUS) has promised us eternal life with HIM!  Being a part of this ministry has helped me to fulfill God's plan for my life.  Jeremiah 29:11 states "I know the plans I have for your declares the Lord, plans to bless you and not to harm you, to bring you to a hope and future!" (NIV)WOW!  I've also been called as an Prophetess, one of the 5 fold ministries, to help the body of Christ (being faithful to my local church) prepare for the coming of the Lord!  Taking heed myself, being first partaker of the Word, lest I myself, become a castaway.



Everyone is welcome to experience God's anointing through fellowship as we grow together in God's love. Our doors are opened to people of all races, colors, and religious beliefs, both male and female. COME that we may share God's powerful Word together.

If your life is unstable, God wants to balance your life in Him through His awesome Word. So come join a family of God's love and let us be your extended family of support! Let's determine whether this ministry is the place for you. If you can answer, "YES" to these questions; this Ministry might be the church, you and your family have been looking for!

1.  Do you like traveling?    2. Do you like meeting people?    3. Do you like to sing and worship God?    4. Are you looking for a home church?    5. Are you ready to work for the Lord?    6. Do you believe in Praising God?    7. Is your life ready for a change?     8. Do you need someone who will love you and treat you right?    9. Have you been told that you can't work for God?   10. Did you give up on ministry and need to be restored? Again, we welcome you to be apart of a ministry that will help you get your life back in God! To help you get to know us; visit our Prayer Conference Calls every Wednesday @ 10pm, Friday @ 1pm and Saturday @ 10am (Eastern Time) call 605-475-4825 pin 517358#. We're waiting to hear from you!